Mr. Chung Wai Leung Warren Principal
Joined in September 2013
Ex-officio Member
Finance Control (Financial Controller(ex-officio) )
Fixed Asset Management Committee (Ex-officio Member )
IT Administration Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Janitor Management Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Personnel Management Committee (Chair )
Scholarship, Donation and Financial Management Committee (Chair )
School Advisory Committee (Chair )
School Executive Committee (Chair )
Student Admission Committee (Chair )
Students' Association Advisory Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Teaching Load and Time-tabling Committee (Chair )
Academic Steering Committee (Ex-officio Member )
AYP Committee (Unit Controller )
Caritas Bazaar Advisory Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Commercial Activities Monitoring Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Crisis Management Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Incorporated Management Committee (Secretary )
Learner Diversity Sub-committee (Ex-officio Member )
Music Committee (Ex-officio Member )
School Improvement Committee (Ex-officio Member )
School Office (Ex-officio Member )
Sports Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Sports Facilities Management Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Staff Development Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Stage Management Committee (Auditorium Management Committee) (Ex-officio Member )
Student Affairs Committee (Principal )
Swimming Pool Management Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Values Education Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Caritas Bazaar Organizing Committee (Honorary Advisor)
Liaison Board of Clubs and Societies (Honorary Advisor)
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