Mr. Chung Wai Leung Warren Principal
Joined in September 2013
Ex-officio Member
Ad hoc Committee of Complaint Management (Chair )
Finance Control (Financial Controller(ex-officio) )
Fixed Asset Management Committee (Ex-officio Member )
IT Administration And Support Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Janitor Management Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Personnel Management Committee (Chair )
Scholarship, Donation and Financial Management Committee (Chair )
School Advisory Committee (Chair )
School Executive Committee (Chair )
Student Admission Committee (Chair )
Students' Association Advisory Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Teaching Load and Time-tabling Committee (Chair )
Academic Steering Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Auditorium Management Committee (Stage Management Committee) (Ex-officio Member )
AYP Committee (Unit Controller )
Caritas Bazaar Advisory Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Commercial Activities Monitoring Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Crisis Management Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Incorporated Management Committee (Secretary )
Learner Diversity Sub-committee (Ex-officio Member )
Music Committee (Ex-officio Member )
School Improvement Committee (Ex-officio Member )
School Office (Ex-officio Member )
Sports Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Sports Facilities Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Staff Development Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Student Affairs Committee (Principal )
Swimming Pool Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Values Education Committee (Ex-officio Member )
Stage Management Team (Ex-Officio Member)
Junior Choir (Hononary Advisor)
Wind Band (Honorary advisor)
Intermediate Choir (Honorary Advisor)
Symphony Orchestra (Honorary Advisor)
String Orchestra (Honorary Advisor)
Piano Accompanist Group (Honorary Advisor)
Chinese Orchestra (Honory Advisor)
Senior Choir (Honourable Advisor)
Music Association (Honorable Advisor)
Pop Music Society (Honourable Advisor)
Caritas Bazaar Organizing Committee (Honorary Advisor)
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